How To Get Gorgeous Lashes

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the eyelashes are definitely the window dressings. One great way to enhance anyone’s peepers is to have a set of gorgeous, thick lashes. Some women are born with naturally lush lashes while others have to turn to other alternatives to get the desired results. Regardless of your situation, there are some easy steps to take in order bring out the best in your eyelashes and catch anyone’s attention.

Although there are plenty of well-known options for enhancing your lashes, there are also some natural ways to care for your eyelashes so that they are naturally healthy and vibrant. It is important to think of your eyelashes as a part of your daily skincare routine. You wouldn’t do anything that would harm your complexion, right? So avoid doing anything that would cause damage to your lashes. For example, do your best to not rub your eyes vigorously. You can’t rub your eyes without affecting your lashes. Each time you give your eye area a fierce rub, you pull out a few lashes. Over time this can cause your eyelashes to become sparse and less voluminous naturally.

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Treat your eye area gently at all times – this includes cleansing. A good quality makeup remover should easily remove any eye makeup and mascara. If you find yourself cleansing roughly in order to remove your makeup, dirt, and oil from your face, then chances are you may want a new cleansing product. Also, avoid rubbing your face dry. Patting is much gentler on your lashes as well as your complexion.

Keeping your lashes moisturized and conditioned is another great way to bring out the natural beauty and strength in your eyelashes. Putting a light coat of petroleum jelly onto your lashes at night has been commonly used as a way to help lashes grow stronger, longer and thicker. Whether that is true or not is up to debate but the presence of petroleum jelly on the lashes is effective in keeping them shiny, moisturized, and healthy. If you decide to try this option, use a clean and unused mascara wand to apply the petroleum jelly to your lashes at night. You won’t need a whole lot. In the morning gently cleanse your face to rinse off the petroleum jelly. After a few weeks, you should be able to see a noticeable difference in the appearance of your lashes.

Other common ways to enhance your eyelashes is through the use of mascara. Be sure to choose a mascara product that contains moisturizing ingredients that will keep your lashes healthy as well as enhance them. Curling your eyelashes is also another way to make your eyes stand out. You can opt to curl your lashes with or without mascara, although wearing mascara after curling will noticeably bring out your lashes. When all else fails, there is the option of false lashes. These can be purchased just about anywhere and in any shape and size.

How To Get A Sexy Body The Celebrity Way

It’s no secret that celebrities have an arsenal of help when it comes to maintaining their envious figures. But surprisingly, you don’t need a great personal trainer or special chef to reach the same results. Even the celebrities themselves go through daily exercise routines in order to maintain their fabulous results.

The Problem Area: Lower Body

Heidi Klum has managed to make herself not only one of the hottest supermodels in the world but one of the sexiest moms as well. We all know what pregnancy and labor can do to the female body, so how in the world did Heidi get so lucky? By doing exercises to strengthen and tone the hips, thighs, and butt, you’ll be as confident as Heidi the next time you throw on a pair of shorts, don a short skirt or sport a swimsuit. One of her most tried and true exercises involves the following:

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and place your hands on your hips. While contracting your abs, take a large step sideways with your left foot (think of how a sumo wrestler squats and moves) and keep your toes pointed forward, with your body weight over your heels. Next, straighten your legs and lift your right knee to your chest, while keeping your foot flexed and your torso erect. Kick your right leg sideways while maintaining your balance on your left leg. Afterwards, straighten your torso back up and go back to your original squatting position and repeat the same lifting and kicking motion again, then switch legs. 3 reps of 15 on each side will get your lower body in shape faster than Heidi’s strut down the catwalk!

The Problem Area: Stomach/Abs

Jennifer Lopez is known for having some of the tightest abs in history. By performing special resistance exercises, you can get your midsection under control. Try this exercise the next time you’ve got some free time.

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Using a medicine ball, or any ball around the house (a basketball for example), stand with your feet hip-width apart and legs straight. Contract your abs and hold the ball with both hands (elbows bent) near your right ear. While keeping your hips squared, rotate your torso to the left and extend your arms so that you lower the ball toward your left ankle. While doing this, bend your knees so that you come to a squat where your thighs are as close and parallel to the ground as possible. Return to your standing position and repeat your reps and then switch sides by moving the ball from your left ear toward your right ankle. For resistance, use a 2- 10-pound medicine ball. This will completely tone and strengthen your abdominals.

Other Quick Celebrity Body Tips

Even in her early 50s, Oprah manages to stay fit and fabulous. The media mogul shed her excessive weight over the years by throwing out refined carbs from her diet, participating in a weight training and cardio program, and running five miles a day! In order to curb her appetite and late-night cravings, Oprah locks her kitchen (and refrigerator) at 7:30 pm every night.  After giving birth to her first son, Britney Spears lost the 50 pounds she gained during her pregnancy by replacing junk food with chicken and fresh vegetables. In addition to her 90-minute workouts, Britney also participated in yoga, Pilates, weight training, and swimming.

How To Find The Right Wig

In the past wigs used to be used purely for entertainment purposes or on occasions like Halloween. However, wigs have become an essential part of people’s lives, especially concerning those suffering from hair loss. From cancer survivors to those with significant hair loss problems, having the right wig can boost a person’s confidence and allow them to continue a normal life without bringing unwanted attention to the top of their head.

Not all wigs are the same and if you are in need of one, you’ll want to make sure you get a wig that not only looks good on you but that you feel good wearing. There are some helpful tips to follow and factors to keep in mind when shopping for the ideal wig and these tips can be applied to both men and women.

One major thing to keep in mind when searching for a wig is that you’ll want one that doesn’t stand out noticeably. If you’ve always had short hair it may not be wise to choose a wig that is super long. The last thing you want to be is obvious about your change. Instead, opt for a length that is either similar or somewhere in between. Same goes for hair color. Although it may be fun to be a redhead or a blonde, you’ll want to be practical about your wig selection. After all, this is a wig you’ll more than likely be wearing on a daily basis.

Planning ahead of time can also help you find the right wig. It helps to take a photo of your hair before you experience any significant loss and cut off a small lock to use for color reference. To find the right fit take measurements in your head. The best way to get the most accurate results is to measure your head while your hair is wet and flattened. Using a tailor’s tape measure, start at the back of your head and pull the tape forward and stop right above your ears and eyebrow area. If your head measurement falls in between wig sizes, your best bet is to go for the larger size just in case.

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Another thing to keep in mind is that most wigs need to be styled and cut in order for it to appear to be your hair. In order to get the best results, you can visit the services of a wig cutter and stylist. This is a professional who knows how to customize a store-bought wig to become similar to your natural hair.

Learning how to wear your wig will also be important in pulling off a natural look. While it isn’t exactly a science, there are certain steps you should follow in order to make your wig look like it is your real hair. For example, make sure your wig isn’t pulled over your ears or too far down in front of your forehead. Be sure to align the part of the wig so that it is not crooked. Once you become comfortable wearing your wig on a daily basis, it will be second nature to you. Treat your wig as you would your natural hair – that includes styling.

Tips for Winter Protection for Your Skin

winter skin

Protecting your precious skin. We are all aware that too much exposure to the sun’s rays can lead to skin cancer and premature aging. I think with all the media campaigns that run over the summer time we are all very aware that we need to cover-up, wear a hat and use sunscreen to protect our skin from sun damage. But when the seasons change and we go from summer to autumn and winter, are we still thinking about sunburn and sun damage to our skin?

We tend to only think of putting sunscreen on in the summer heat, being more aware of how uncomfortable the burning sun’s rays can feel when we are out in the midday sun, it makes us reach for the sunscreen. But during autumn and winter the weather cools down considerably and we find it rather nice to be out in the sunshine, finding the warmth from the sun to be comforting and energising when it’s cold outside.

But the cooler months can lull us into a false sense of security and we tend not to think that the sun’s rays are doing us damage. If we are not necessarily aware or feeling the sunburn on our skin we are less likely to reach for the sunscreen and apply protection.

So we really need to be more aware of the power of the sun’s rays in damaging our skin no matter what the weather conditions. We need to consider that the sun at any time of year still has the potential to damage our skin. Leading to sunburn, premature aging, and sun damaged skin and unfortunately in some cases skin cancer.

I think for many places in the world during the winter months you tend to wear more clothing and the day light hours tend to be shorter so most of your body is covered in warm winter clothing but this is not necessarily so for places like the northern areas of Australia another tropical and sub-tropical climates.

Day time temperatures can still be quite warm and you can wear your summer clothing most of the year through. So in general think about the skin exposure you will have when you go outdoors and apply some sunscreen. It would usually be the backs of your hands, face and neck exposed to the sun most of the time that you spend outdoors.

The best rule of thumb is to make sure that you apply sun protection products to these exposed areas of your body at least 20 minutes before you go outdoors and even under your makeup before you go to work in the morning. Another good tip to remember is:

Save your skin with natural sunscreento cover your head whilst you are outdoors. How many of us are unaware that the skin on our heads burns. You don’t have to have a receding hair line to be extra cautious here. Even if you have a lovely full head of hair your scalp can still burn particularly along the part of your hairline. It is best to wear a hat outdoors to protect your scalp, face and neck.

But if you are participating in active sports or swimming it is a good idea to massage a little sunscreen into your scalp, and around the tips of your ears so that you don’t suffer any nasty sunburn surprise.I am a great believer in wearing sunscreen all the time even under my makeup.

It is one of the best preventatives against premature aging of the skin and I just can’t recommend wearing it highly enough from this point of view as well as saving you from potential skin cancer. I am also a great advocate of all things organic and natural and think that we should all chose organic and natural sun screen alternatives with high SPF protection for the protection of our general wellbeing and health. Chemical exposure to some common sunscreens can have serious adverse effects on your health.

8 Ways to Beautiful Skin

Beautiful Skin

1. Never go to bed with makeup on

Leaving your makeup on while you sleep, this is a total no no!! Your skin is a living breathing organ and it needs to breathe and rejuvenate at night. Not removing your makeup before sleep at night will lead to breakouts and blocked pores. Your makeup combined with your skins natural oils and perspiration is a recipe for blocked pores leading to breakouts and skin rashes. Help your skin to look it best. Always wash your make up off at night with a gentle cleanser and use a moisturiser with extra nutrients for your skin to absorb whilst you are sleeping and wake up with rested skin and a healthy glow.

2. Reduce processed foods, eat more fruits and vegetables

It is so true and so necessary to consider if you want to get the best out of your skin care products you have to remember that ‘you are what you eat’. To many processed, packaged, food products full of sugar, salt and many additives and preservatives is not good nutrition for your body and will eventually start to reflect in your skin. To make your skin radiate it needs to start from the inside.

I know we all love the occasional splurge and treats but it is best to adopt an 80/20 rule. That is, 80 percent of what you consume in food and drinks should be as natural and unprocessed as possible with plenty of variety and lots of vegetables and fruit to be at your best. Feeling good on the inside will make your skin to glow.

3. Eat healthy fats

Think about the fats that you are consuming in your diet. Not all fats are good for you and some; especially trans-fats are very bad for your health. When adding fats to your food and cooking try to keep the saturated fats to a minimum and think about consuming more nutritional fats that are beneficial to your body and skin such as omega 3 fatty acids.

Eating oily fish like salmon and tuna and taking fish oil or flaxseed oil supplements can help you meet your daily quota. And don’t forget the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils such as olive oil. Small amount of good oils in your diet can do wonders for healthy skin.

4. Drink water, not soda-pop

Many soft drinks and carbonated drinks contain too much sugar and additives. Sugar adds no nutritional value to your diet so you need to keep it to the minimum. Sugary drinks have no health benefits and can contribute to an unhealthy and dull complexion.

Drink more water, at least eight glasses a day and more if you are exercising. Water will keep you hydrated and improve the quality and texture of your skin. Drink herbal teas to increase your water intake. Adding lemon and lime slices to water and ice can be a taste sensation and very refreshing, even adding sliced fruit such as strawberries can add a taste sensation to your water without adding to much sugar.

5. Maintain a skin care routine

Go for quality, not quantity, but the best natural and or organic skincare products you can afford and if you are starting afresh with your skin care than cover the basics. Make sure that you buy products suitable for your skin and go with a excellent cleanser, toner, moisturiser, eye cream, exfoliator and a treat such as a serum to give you skin that extra something special to keep it looking beautiful.

6. Wear sunscreen every day

This is a huge one for all around the world. I live in Australia and we have so many beautiful beaches and outdoor spaces to enjoy for recreation but unfortunately we also have one of the highest incidences of skin cancer in the world. So if you do nothing else for your skin, you must protect it from the sun. Save your life and retain your youth.

Too much exposure to the sun is one of the biggest causes of premature aging. It causes a lot of damage to your skin. Wear the best sunscreen that you can afford and if you want to achieve a healthy summer glow choose a wise alternative to sun tanning such sunless tanning lotions and spray tans. For a sunless tan there are some top alternatives out there in the natural and organic ranges.

7. Moisturize your skin

Applying moisturiser will help to keep your skin hydrated throughout out all the seasons and the different climatic conditions that your skin is exposed to. Moisturises don’t necessarily prevent wrinkles but they can help to minimise their appearance and help you skin to look smooth and silky, the best that it can be.

8. Watch your weight

This really goes hand-in-hand with good nutrition. You need to maintain a healthy body weight. Yo-yo dieting and living in a cycle of dramatic weight gain and loss takes a toll on your skin and your skin will loose its elasticity which can make you look older than your years. It is well worth dedicating to a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise to be healthy in all aspects of your life as well as you skin.Live as happy and healthy as you can, it reflects in your face and your skin.

5 Tips to Achieve Beautiful Skin

skin beauty

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. So what are the grass roots, the basics of maintaining a beautiful complexion?  Let’s look at the basic skin structure, you skin is made up of three layers. The surface layer (epidermis), the middle layer (dermis) and the deep layer (hypodermis).

The epidermis is several layers deep. This is where your skin cells are created and they gradually move their way to the surface during their life cycle and accumulate on the surface to be washed and rubbed away.  This is the process of skin cell regeneration.

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Cleanse your skin

When we look at our skin we are actually looking at the dead skin cells on the surface of our skin. Using a good skin cleanser helps to clean away the dead cells and make your complexion brighter and more vibrant looking.

A good cleanser will also remove the surface dirt and sweat from your skin. Washing with a cleanser helps to slough off the dead skin cells, leaving the skin looking more vibrant. As well as getting rid of dirt and sweat, cleansers also remove blemish-causing bacteria from the surface layer. It really is an important tip to maintain a healthy complexion.

Maintain a health and nutritious diet

As you get older the process of cell renewal continues but it does start to slow down. A really huge part of looking after your skin and body is to have a diet high in essential nutrients and in particular for your skin you need Omega-3 fatty acids, think oily fish like salmon, good oils like olive oil, coconut oil and foods rich in vitamin E and C (great for skin repair).

A really easy way to keep you skin looking good is to drink plenty of water, it helps to flush impurities out of your body and it the best thing to keep you hydrated which keep you skin looking good as well.

The dermis layer is where you find collagen and elastin. These substances give the skin structure and flexibility. As we age their production slows down and unfortunately this leads to wrinkles. Keep your diet ‘antioxidant-rich’; eat lots of fruit and vegetables as it has been found to slow the breakdown of collagen.

Change your skin care products to suit skin

Your skin changes through the seasons and is influenced through a changing environment. This combined with hormonal changes in the body effect the level sebum production (the good oil) at the dermis level through the sebaceous glands.

So changes in the weather, stress or illness can influence this oil secretion and at times your skin could have periods of dehydration and a lack- lustre appearance. You may find your skin could appear oilier in the warmer weather.

So the next tip is to be aware of these changes and alter your skin care products accordingly. Like switching to a water base light weight moisturiser during the summer time.

Exercise makes your skin glow

Daily exercise will not only improve your aerobic fitness and strength it can also improve your complexion as it increases blood flow. Take a look in the mirror, you will notice that sticking to a regular exercise routine will brighten and improve the look of your complexion. Regular exercise will also get rid of impurities through sweat and brings more oxygen to the skin.

Stress can wreak havoc on your hormones, causing adult acne and other skin problems. It can be really hard at times to control your stress levels with everything and challenge that one has to deal with during their day. We can’t avoid stress in our lives but the focus should be on how we choose to deal with it so finding constructive ways to distress and manage your emotions can really help in keeping your complexion balanced and radiant.

Keep your make up tools clean

You really need to keep your makeup tools clean as they can build up in bacteria with continual use and this can affect your skin by causing irritation and infections. Clean make-up brushes every month or two with gentle natural soap.

Clean your make up sponges every day and through them out when they begin to deteriorate. Get rid of make-up that is past its expiration date. Review your makeup products on a periodic basis and notice any changes in the colour texture or smell of a product.

These are key signs that they are well and truly past their use by date and it would be best to dispose of them. Some of your products will also have use by dates so stick to these as a guide.