Understanding Yeast Infection Bumps And Its Symptoms

Yeast infection bumps are small raised bumps that emerge on the skin of the area infected with a yeast infection, particularly on the genitals. Yeast infection is a medical condition brought about by yeast spores (fungi).

These yeast infection bumps are painful as well as discomforting; in many cases, they are not fatal or dangerous. Being aware of the symptoms and causes may help early detection thus avoiding the infection to escalate to fatal levels. It is true that men can also get infected with yeast infections but it is more prevalent in women. This is contrary to the common belief that only female suffers from the yeast infections.

The yeast infection is transmitted through sexual intercourse with infected partners through unprotected sex. Unlike in woman where the infection is easily identified, yeast infection in men may go unnoticed as it rests dormant for a couple of years because of the outside temperatures of the penis (77 degree Celsius) hence keeping it vial.

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Apart from unprotected sex, yeast infection in both males and females may also be brought about by prolonged use of antibiotics and diabetes. In some cases, yeast infection in males is easy to notice where the infection causes a cracked up surface of the penis as a result of dryness. Because of this, the male experiences severe pain whenever he experiences an erection.

Other male yeast infection symptoms include:-

  • The glan or the penis head becomes inflamed and may become red-A burning sensation during urination.
  • Cloudy discharge from the genitals of both men and women.
  • Reddish inflamed bumps-Itching may occur around the genital area.
  • Sexual dysfunction may also develop.
  • Loose stool due to the absence of intestinal flora balance because of the overgrowth of yeast cells in the digestive systems.
  • Bad breath despite good oral hygiene.
  • Bloating may occur as a result of overgrowth of yeast bacteria in the digestive track.
  • Mood swings in males who normally do not experience mood swings.
  • Unusual fatigue.
  • Memory loss may occur in advanced levels of the infection.
  • Unusually dry flaky skin.
  • Yeasty odor

Usually, topical treatments will definitely get rid of the yeast infection; if you are diagnosed by the doctor with a yeast infection, you can easily get a prescription from them and get an anti-fungal medication from the drugs’ store.

Frequent washing of the infected area with medicated soaps should wipe out the infection. But one should be cautious not to worsen the condition as some soaps may cause skin irritation which will only deteriorate the infection. The patient should make sure they dry off completely as the fungi responsible for the infection thrives perfectly under moist and warm conditions and for this reason, the vaginal is vulnerable to the infection.

Keeping clean is a major step towards treating the yeast infection. Women suffering from the yeast infection should keep off birth control pills as they would also escalate the infection since they affect the hormonal balance. In addition, some birth control methods such as insertions could also worsen the condition since they encourage the fungi responsible for the infection. Condoms should replace these birth control methods or simply abstain till the infection is gone.

What Is The ‘Freshman Fifteen’?

Have you ever heard about the famous “Freshman Fifteen”? No, it is not a gang. The freshman fifteen is the amount of excess fat accumulated by university students all through their first year in college. There are various names for it: First year Fatties, Freshman Pounds, Fresher spread. It seems that university freshmen acquire it from acquiring poor dining (not to mention drinking) habits.

Eventually, it gets hard to keep the weight off. Count yourself lucky if fifteen pounds are all you put on because really, the weight gain probably won’t stop there. Alas, a lot of us carry around that freshman fifteen. They are the final fifteen pounds that simply won’t budge. They’re those fifteen pounds covering up what could be a flat stomach. They’re those fifteen pounds we hold beneath that baby weight. They are the fifteen pounds you dream would simply disappear.

All is great and we’re happily chubby until eventually out of the blue, we simply cannot fit into any of our shirts any longer. Couch cushions have sagged resulting from extra weight. Running up a flight of stairs cause you wheezing. This is actually point in our life story when we realize that we have to lose weight fast.

The first idea that comes to mind is to ask pals who have dropped a few pounds to get their weight loss method. These pals are likely happy to talk about diet methods. We decide on a diet that would most likely satisfy our needs from the numerous diet tips we received from pals, then try to carry out some research on it.

There are tons of methods to get information. We can obtain the answers on the internet, through training books, magazines or other publications. Some pals might have even recommended exercise because it is the 2nd most common method to slimming down fast. There are so many exercise and training programs available. Much like those eating plans or meal plans, we just have to use our good judgment in adopting the one that we feel will probably work for us.

You can also find options to the usual suggestions for weight loss. Pals might possibly recommend the usual exercise and diet combination but if this isn’t your cup of tea, there are many more options to check out.  A few examples are hypnosis, specialized supplements, steam or sauna sessions, lotions and other topical applications, yoga breathing techniques, and medical procedures.